Can i get introuble in school for wearing a soviet ushanka?

Can i get introuble in school for wearing a soviet ushanka?

We have hat days at my middle school and i have a russian ushanka that has a soviet badge.… pic?So as i said can i get introuble with the teachers?


All through high school I wore a Chinese PLA cap. Souvenir of my family's trip to China. My junior year, some of the jocks stole it and burned it. They also bragged about it. The school made the jocks write an apology, and the football coach made them drive up to the Chinese consulate in San Francisco to get me a replacement.Since the USSR is long dead, I doubt you'll cause as much an uproar as I did. But be prepared for some negative reactions. I'd check your school dress code. Some include vague prohibitions on controversial clothing.Source(s):…


Freedom of expression, your choice. You probbably wont get in trouble, but they will ask you to remove it. Or in a worse case you will get jumped.


My first reaction to that is - It's hat day dammit! I would say that if it's not so large that the people behind you can't see over it then by all means wear it.That being said, don't ever listen to anyone who talks crap about freedom of expression. The US Supreme Court has held time and again that freedom of expression, speech, etc... does not apply to school children in school. Just recently a group of high school boys were suspended for wearing sweatshirts demonstrating class pride for their grade. School administrators found the sweatshirts to be distasteful (they had a replica of the twin towers made out to be two 1's for the class of 2011 with the slogan "can't bring us down") While I found the sweatshirts to be a statement of defiance saying that we will win - the school administrators found in their opinion that the sweatshirts glorified terrorists attacks and thus all the boys had their sweatshirts confiscated and either were threatened with or actualy suspended.So with that in mind the question comes to: does your school administration have a tendency to do knee-jerk reactions? Does your school have one of those zero-tolerance policies? Do they have some narrow-minded rule that says you can't wear controversial items like Nazi or Soviet military items?I would suggest taking a photo of the ushanka and bringing it in to your homeroom teacher and asking permission and then getting the permission in writing from the teacher or administrator and when asking simply voice your concern that in this current era of school overreaction you simply don't want to run afoul of their wrath. Remember, a school suspension will affect your auto insurance rates as a teenager. The last thing you want to do is get suspended over a stupid policy.


no but youll just look like a fag and everyone whos not a fag like you will know you as the kid with that wierd furry hat. not trying to burst your bubble.Source(s):just wear it at home


I don't think you can get introuble.Bring it in and ask first just incase.Good Luck



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