Can I go over the max transpo expense coverage of my auto insurance?

Can I go over the max transpo expense coverage of my auto insurance?

My car'-s in the body shop right now so they gave me a rental car. My insurance'-s paying for the car rental up to March 24 however, the repair shop called and said it will take up to April 9th to get the car all fixed. Is there anyway that I can get my auto insurance to still cover the car rental during those days even though I have already reached the maximum coverage? The guy at the repair shop said I can fight it but I'-m not so sure. Any helpful advice is welcome. Thanks!


Nope. After the insurance runs out, it is your responsibility after that.


No unfortunately you cant. They will look at it like if you got in an accident without collision and then asked them to put it on after the accident. You pay the premium for the certain amount and that is all you can get. I am sorry! Good luck!Source(s):work for an insurance company


Check your policy, talk to your insurance agent. It's a bit late to get your policy upgraded for higher coverage. Tell the shop to step it up or you'll take it somewhere else.





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