Can i move while an auto insurance claim is processing?

Can i move while an auto insurance claim is processing?

I was in an accident late July. It was not my fault and i was injured in the accident. I am still going for physical therapy.I have been looking for a new job in another state, due to the accident it has come to a standstill.I wanted to know if i can move to another state while the insurance claim is still processing. The other party has not yet come to a settlement.Please can get some advice and help, it will really help me.Thanks


Of course you can move -- they can't restrict you're right to make your residence any place you see fit. It'll inconvenience you more than anyone else, since any hearings will take place in the original jurisdiction.Just make sure you notify all the parties involved of your new address -- forgetting one might be one of those techicalities that prove to be fatal to your case.



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