Can i rent a car in canada and leave it in usa and vice versa?

Can i rent a car in canada and leave it in usa and vice versa?

My relatives are coming to visit me around christmas and drive from calgary canada to spokane wa usa. They dont wanna rent the car for whole 14 days they will here but only for driving one way and then driving back. Are rental companies like hertz, budget or any other company will allow them to rent in canada for 1 day trip to usa then leave the car at their rental location around spokane wa and then heading back, book another car and take it back to canada and leave it there same way?Thanks to all


They might only because it is Canada. In Mexico no way. Usualy this would be impossible. There are differences in the insurance that is needed and the EPA laws governing the car. Call them and ask. Auto Club might know as well if you belong to it.


Yes there are rental places that do that you just have to find out which ones.



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