Can Safeco Insurance Company raise my auto premium during the term of my policy?

Can Safeco Insurance Company raise my auto premium during the term of my policy?

Safeco quoted me a premium for 6 months and now in the second month of the policy they want to increase it retroactively. Isn'-t that a fraudulent business practice?Safeco Sucks.


did you have an accident? did you get a ticket? did you have an accident you didn't report to them before you got the insurance? did you have unreported tickets?do you live at a different address than the one you claimed? does your car not have safety features you claimed it had?(ABS, ESC, Airbags, et) did you claim certain grades you didn't really get? did you claim a drivers safety class you've never taken?for ANY of those things they could raise the rates with no questions asked. they could even have dropped you.


Whats their reason they increased your rate? They have to honor the quote they gave you. If their saying there's been an increase in the rate during the middle of the term.. no they cant really do that.BUT if its because you didnt do something you were supposed to like some type of action required by you to continue receiving a certain discount.. or signing a state required form inorder to continue getting certain limit coverage. I work for insurance.. i've seen this happen to ppl. While theres sooo much info covered in the sales call, you may have forgotten you had to submit documentation to continue to receive a certain discount, or they had to increase your coverage because the state requires you to sign a form for the coverage you originally chose.sorry such a long answer. insurance can be complicated.Source(s):my job


This is not fraud automatically. They could have found out information about you or someone on your policy that they haven't known about or just found out about at this time. A lot of drivers don't give out all the information or leave out something when getting a quote to learn that the insurance company discovers it at a later time and increases rates for it.


Yes, if you truthful about your information or if you failed to sign your forms.Source(s):


They should give you a reason for the change. They contracted to provide you insurance for 6 months at a price you agreed to. The only thing that can change that is if you move, obtain a different car or some other item that changes your insurance risk. Did you give them your correct address AND zip code? They base risk on zip codes, among other things. Did your marital status change? Did your job change, drive further to work or use your car in your job? Did you change your brand of toothpaste (okay, I'm being sarcastic). I don't care for insurance companies either, they're a necessary evil.But, they have the upper hand. If you don't agree to their extortion plan, they'll drop you and report you to the state DMV.


Depends on WHY they are raising your premium -- could be something was discovered on your driving record that wasn't before, a change in household drivers, an accident, a speeding ticket, blah, blah, blah.



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