Can self-insuring allow you to be exempt from the fee in the Senate Health Care reform bill?

Can self-insuring allow you to be exempt from the fee in the Senate Health Care reform bill?

Some states allow an exemption from mandatory auto insurance. If you can post a bond, $50,000 I think, you are exempt from buying auto insurance. Can there be an similar provision for health insurance?


Sounds fair. Most people carry over a million in insurance benefits so I'd expect the exemption to start at at least $1,250,000 that's set aside specifically for health insurance.Oh, and anyone that thinks $50,000 is enough insurance is an idiot. What if you kill a child? Heck, what if you hit a BMW? Goodbye credit . . .


Why I do not need to get insurance or have to provide a bond.How about you and Obama kiss my shiny pink @ss



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