Can some of you guys help me with a few names of insurance companies?

Can some of you guys help me with a few names of insurance companies?

My schoolwork requires that I name some insurance companies for a number of different types of insurance- but when I try to look some up online, I am hit with nonstop emails all wanting to offer me a chance to buy their insurance.I don'-t want insurance, I just need to know the names of some companies.So if anyone can give me a few insurance companies, and what kind of insurance they handle? Thanks.AutoHomeHealthDisabilityLife


You probably need to go to your state insurance department website, to get companies that are allowed to sell that insurance in YOUR STATE.Auto: State Farm, Nationwide, Travelers, Progressive, Geico, InfinityHome: Erie, USAA, Travelers, Hartford, AllstateHealth: Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Golden RuleDisability: Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AflacLife: State Farm, USAA, Metropolitan, Mass Mutuall, GuardianKeep in mind, most of these companies write more than one kind of insurance, for example, State Farm writes everything EXCEPT Health.


I have been with USAA since I was a student in ROTC in 1973. They handle auto, life, property, investments, long term care, and more...I wouldn't change for ANYTHING. They are one of the best...if not THE best.At one point, they were only for military officers. Currently, they have opened up their doors to accept applications from very responsible drivers.Good luck.


If you just type "Life Insurance" into Google, a bunch of ads will come up. Use those names.Then try "Auto Insurance," and so forth.



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