Can someone give the cost of living in Dubai?

Can someone give the cost of living in Dubai?

i want to know the cost of rent, food, car, insurance(health and auto) and any other expenses.not expecting exact numbers just anything close!!thanks!!!


Cheapest rent in international city is 38-45K p.a. for a studio apartment. Rest of dubai, you will get a room with bathroom at that cost. Suggest u to live in sharjah.Car and food is cheap. 300AED you can get lunch and dinner delievered to you residence by hotels per month. Car petrol price is around 6.5 AED per gallon or 1.44 AED per litre.Insurance on health should be given by your company. I have no idea on auto and health insurance paid my self pocket money.Living in internatinal city, your overall expense will come tp 6-7K AED per month as a couples living. If u single, minus 1000 AED. If you live in sharjah, in mid-sharjah, you will spend 2-4K AED per month.Decision is yours. Best of luck



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