Can someone ilegal and with there drivers lic expired get auto insurance?

Can someone ilegal and with there drivers lic expired get auto insurance?

I call Geico my auto insurance to separate my husbands car from my insurance and they end up, separating my car and give me a new quate which was higher and my husband stay with my old insurance number that i have for 5 years and i recently add him to it, i dont think is fair, since im the one that have social sec, been there for 5 years, my husband liscense is expired and hes not even legal..I should sue the insurance for this.


n california yes~it more mandatory to have insurance than lic.~stupid huh?



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It is going to depend upon whether or not you will have your own car. If you are the principal operator of your own vehicle it is going to much more than if you are just added as an occasional operator. The cost also varies by zip code. If you are in Detroit it is going to cost more than if...

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Greetings!Found something for you in the web:"Most Canadian car insurance companies require that you are added as a principal driver instead of an occasional driver once you get your G2 license. Because of your G2 status allowing you to now drive without an accompanying driver in the front...

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there isn't one that's cheapest for everyone, if there was then the others would all go bankruptSource(s):the rooster

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you should go to and if you enter your information into the form, they'll give you a quote from different companies and you can compare the different prices for different services. it saves you a looooot of time. i ended up saving about 250 dollars a year.