Can someone sue my home owners insurance if I was in a car accident ?

Can someone sue my home owners insurance if I was in a car accident ?

I was the driver in a serious car accident. My friend was injured really bad.Can he sue my home insurance for pain and suffering? My auto insurance is denying his claim right now.I want him to be taken care of but I also want to protect myself. I own a condo unit so if he files a claim will this affect the other owners or the buildings insuance overall?


No.he can not sue your insurance company, He must sue you and you them make a claim granting the insurance company subrogation. Subrogation means that they act in your name to protect their interests on the policy. I doubt if your home owners policy would cover a motoring accident. The two are separate and I can not think off hand of any cross over. At the moment they are making a formal denial on your behalf and you can not and should not interfere with this. Your friend's own solicitor will be acting for him and in his best interests. Other than passing on any correspondence Civil Writs and/or Summonses/County Court Claims forms to your motor insurer you are out of the picture.If criminal proceedings are issued against you I doubt if you motor insurance will cover it but read your policy. i think you are on your own so far as that is concerned.I mmake no accusations as to if you were under the influence or not but it is always possible that you could be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. Dangerous driving etc. That is a different game


not in the uk, they are two different insurance's,totally separate


I don't think he can sue your house insurance. But he can sue you and /or your car insurance. And if they don't pay or your coverage limits out than you can be held responsible. Then after the judgment he can garnish wages or attach assets until paid for.............It will not affect other owners of the condo just you and your


It all depends on the state that you live in, but typically, no your friend what not have a claim, that is the purpose of taking out Bodily Injury coverage on your insurance policy. Check with your insurance coverage for information as to what type of policy you have if you are unsure. However, if he files a civil suit, then he can sue you directly for your assets if any and your condo may fall under your assets. The best thing to do is retain an attorney to help you with this matter or try to settle some sort of agreement with your friend, maybe offer to pay half of the medical expenses to avoid a litigation process. If he has money to file a civil suit, you may end-up paying from your personal finances. He can't go after the entire building or the condo association as they are not liable for an individuals negligence. Good Luck!


He can't sue your home owner's insurance for a car accident. Those two things are separate. The only way he could claim on your home owner's policy is if he got hurt on your property.


Home insurance doesn't cover auto injury claims. If your insurance is denying his claim, he can get a lawyer and sue you, and your auto insurance company would have to respond.You don't state the circumstances of the accident, or the coverage you carry, so it is hard to say what the rationale is for denying his claim.


Your homeowners insurance will deny this claim. This is an auto claim. You have nothing to worry about. Why did your auto insurer deny his claim? Did you not have the appropriate coverage?


You need to check your policy or get someone else to who can give you a good opinion as a start, but insurance companies do not like to pay out if they don't have to so they should be able to help you.Source(s):


He can sue your Homeowner's insurer all they like but the lawsuit will fail. First off your Homeowner's insurer did not cause your friend's injuries. Second Homeowner's, tenant' and Condo Unit Owner's insurance NEVER covers liability arising out of the use or ownership of an vehicle. Therefore they will not cover the loss and are not obligated to defend you.




I don't think he can sue your house insurance.


He can't claim against your homeowners insurance but he can sue you personally for damages plus pain and suffering. If you lose the case he can't take your home away from you but a lien will be placed on the property so that they he gets his money whenever you sell the condo. In many jurisdictions he can also get a court order to seize any bank accounts or brokerage accounts in your name, he can put a lien on any other cars you own, he can get a marshal to come and remove anything in your condo to be auctioned off at the courthouse, jewelry, appliances, furniture, clothing.



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