Can you get real auto insurance without a license ?

Can you get real auto insurance without a license ?

I dont have a license or a California ID i am a teen 18 years old have my passport and birth certification but that'-s it so can i get auto insurance and how much would it be if yes


You can, I fail to see any reason to get it. But anyone can buy insurance. At 18 you need to get a state issued ID. You will have to call a few insurance companies and get your quotes.


Sometimes you can do that, but it's going to be expensive.The only way to go about it would be to (if available) have someone with a licence listed as the driver of the vehicle, and sign an agreement acknowledging that if any damage happens while you're driving they won't cover it. Most insurers won't want to insure your car, however. They've seen it a million times where they insure a car for an unlicenced owner, then an accident happens and guess who was driving when it happened. They know that trick, so they're not going to give you an easy time.Just get your licence. Your life will be much easier.


No, you can't insure yourself without a valid driver's license.


Why? No license to drive so I'll also assume you have no car. If you have so much money to burn, I"ll be happy to take some of it off your hands.



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