Can you give me quick description about what Obama policies and ideas are?

Can you give me quick description about what Obama policies and ideas are?

I always hear people saying Obama this and that. I don'-t follow up on politics so could someone breifly explain why peple say obama has socialist ideas and what his agenda is.


He wants to redistribute the wealth, expand government control, and nationalize industries one at a time. In other words..he's a socialist.He bought General Motors and turned controlling interest over to the Auto worker's Union..thereby returning the means of production to the proletariat.


his policies are that of typical black guys. Spend other peoples money and promote racism in politics. Also to get as much money as u can for urself and the people u know.


Obama's policies?? Good question! It's really hard to put a finger on his! He switches from one thing to another! Not finishing anything he has proclaimed HIS policy! One policy, however, stand out above all others! And that is, to break all the promises he has made! He starts off with glowing reports about the hopes and dreams for the American people! He DOES add, however, it is going to take ALL of us, to bring this idea into reality! Actually, he was talking about OUR money! I don't think he realized this unemployment would go this far, and what THAT really meant to the economy! He is like a little kid who can't decide which piece of candy he wants to eat first! This green energy thing, the Health Care plan he is dreaming up, are just bones he's throwing out to the dogs! The only problem with that, is we are not buying it! When he was campaigning for the Presidency, instead of using the word CHANGE, and told the People what his agenda was, I know for a fact, he wouldn't have won! He wants Government control, martial law if you will. One voice and no choice! Isn't that Socialism?


spend futures that aren't his to spend,but somebody will have to pay for them.


He's not socialist, or semi-socialist, he is not giving money directly to the poor, so he's not really socialist, he's bailing out corporations, like Republicans do, the only thing that is anywhere near socialist to me is government health care, which is needed, let me explain, the AMA controls the amount of doctors, keeps the number low so they can keep doctors wages high, competition is low, so prices are high, so Government health care is needed, the other option would be to increase the number of doctors, and restrict them to practising only medicine,competition would take over, and then government healthcare would not be needed, the Republican health car reform, is to save money by denying poor people health insurance, that is there "reform"


Obama is a very bad, inexperienced president, but it is politically correct to support him BECAUSE of his color.


People who say he's a socialist are right-wing nuts who only listen to Fox "News." He is more liberal than Hannity and Rush would like, so they throw those words around. He is in fact a good man who is trying to turn the economy around, fix our schools, reform health care so every American can be covered and reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. But he is also black, and that just irritates the hell out of a lot of Republicans.


I'm not going to play because you're looking for soundbites and quick answers to complicated matters.With your way of seeking mini-knowledge you'll probably find yourself a right winger, because they specialize in miscommunication, deception, double-speak to keep their ranks full of people who "don't follow up on politics".Shame on you for not caring enough to really learn


It seems every time I pick up the paper or browse the news on the net - I see that the government and Obama are devising new ways to tax the hard working Americans and turn this country into a pathetic, third rate nanny state. My message today and to you in the Federal government is PLEASE stop spending your time thinking up new ways to get MORE of our money - and ONLY pay for your new “programs” by cutting spending elsewhere!This is a novel idea for the Obama administration - but if they want to have all these wonderful social programs that require billions of dollars - then the ONLY way they should be able to have them is by cutting an equal amount of other spending to - make way - for these proposed new allocations of funds. Obama thinks he can just keep spending and spending without any repercussions to the money supply, interest rates or the deficit. Obama is moron. He has NO IDEA how to run a successful business much less a balanced check book - yet somehow this man became president of the United States!Obama has such wonderful aspirations: He wants to offer health care to all. He wants to be able to feed and house all the poor - those who are “less fortunate”. He wants to control the climate. He wants to control the banking, mortgage, auto and insurance industries. And how is he going to do all of this and pay for all of this? He wants to TAX YOU TO DEATH!Obama wants to tax your health benefits at work. Obama wants to institute a European style Value Added Tax. Obama wants to tax anything and everything in order to pay for the Socialism of America. Obama wants there to be no poor people and no rich people (except himself of course). Obama wants America to be just another run of the mill country. Obama wants America to be a Muslim country. Obama wants to liberalize, socialize and ghetto-ize this country until it is only a shell of its past greatness. o_O


sure, Obama is a communist and socialistlooooooves spending money we dont have on stuff we dont need..


Why must it be quick? Short attention span? Your time that precious?I think you might get a pretty good idea of his ideas and principles by reading the book he wrote. Other people have, and so can you. It's at the library.



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