Can you keep an auto insurance policy with different address?

Can you keep an auto insurance policy with different address?

Is it permissable to continue auto insurance coverage on the same policy if my husband and I are married, but living seperately? My car is in my name, his in his. Just changed my address in regards to my license and vehicle registration. Policy is written with his address.


Not in the way that you are doing it, but yes if you do it right.Insurance rates are set by the ZIP code where the car is garaged or parked overnight. You must have the correct address for the car on the policy.However, you do not need a new policy. You can keep this policy IF you have it modified to show different (correct) addresses for each vehicle.


Yes, as long as you're still living in the same state.But from YOUR point of view, it's risky, as if you are seperated, he can delete you and the car from the policy, leaving you UNINSURED, and you'd have no way of knowing that. Also, any claims checks get made to the first named insured - him - not you.


Typically I think you just need to tell them what city each vehicle is garaged in (parked overnight). That way they can account for a higher or lower risk (traffic, crime, etc.)


You just need to let you insurance company know the new garaging address for each car, and change your marital status to seperated. it would be ideal for you to get seperate insurance policies though, unless the payment arrangements have been decided for yall. but this is based on how we are allowed to do insurance at nationwide in south carolina. best to talk to your personal agent.



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