Can you pay monthy with NJ CURE auto insurance?

Can you pay monthy with NJ CURE auto insurance?

They have fantastic prices for NJ auto insurance, DOUBLE LESS than Geico, esurance etc. for more coverage. My only concern is, will I be able to pay them in monthy installments?


Call their 800 number and ask them! It takes no longer than posting the question hear and you will be sure the answer is the truth!


You can ask them.Not having any experience with this company myself, I'd caution you that these might be 'bait rates' and once you pay them the first check, you could see a substantial increase in premium, once they finally underwrite you.


Before you call, you should be aware that they may bill monthly, but only by direct withdrawal from your checking account.This puts the burden on you to make sure there is enough in your account to cover the premium, but it is convenient, and saves checks and postage.Many insurance companies will bill this way.



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