Can you sue a auto insurance company if they dont fix your car within a certain time period?

Can you sue a auto insurance company if they dont fix your car within a certain time period?

My car was hit while parked in front of my house and the girls insurance company Titan Insurance hasnt even came out to look at my car and its already been almost three weeks since the accident. They havent gotten me a rental car either so i have been carless for this whole time and having to find different ways to work and i could lose my job because i am late all the time now.


You can sue anyone you want, but in this case I would not advise it. If you filed the claim directly with her insurance company for damages, they have a responsibility to investigate your claim. If they investigate and find their driver at fault, they will likely work with you for repairs. Until their investigation is complete (sometimes it can take weeks/months just to get the police report or speak to witnesses) they are not responsible to fix your car or provide a rental.I would recommend you file a claim with your own insurance company. After all, this is why you pay for the policy. Let them fix your car and they will go after the other company for the damages if the other driver is responsible. The process is called subrogation.Source(s):I'm an auto insurance claims adjuster.



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