Can you switch car insurance companies easily?

Can you switch car insurance companies easily?

I bought a car last night and am picking it up today in Nova Scotia. I called around to a number of companies for insurance and got a quote that seemed reasonable. I went down today and signed the paperwork and was given the temporary insurance card and they faxed paperwork to the dealership and the dealership to them and it is all worked out. However I got a call back a few hours later from another broker quoting me a lot less. I had her verify with the company and they said yes. But I have already signed the other stuff. The one I have now is going to be monthly and the first payment should not come out till about the 15th and be the first and last payment for the month. if I switch and they have already taken the payment do I get the last month back? Can I pretty much switch at any time? Anyone know how that works? I'-m a newbie at buying a vehicle an thought I had done my homework but apparently not.


Its a simple operation to switch.Insurance companies are required to provide you with proof of NCB when you move.Source(s):Mechanic

Actually, why you are asking here - not your company? One call and exact answer seems more simple then a message here, with average advices.'Switching' is simple operation and does not require much effort. In any case you have to contact the company that you have already signed to. Look through your agreement well, it can be some penalties or restrictions on such switching. But don't be afraid, in most cases - switching is really easy and common operation. Please note, that in any case you have to contact your insurance company to discuss all details.Maybe you will find next list of tips useful:- obtain new car insurance first, then cancel other one, don't stay a risk having you car uninsured even for one day- standard auto insurance policies contain a term giving you the right to cancel your policy at any time, once proper notice is given to the insurance company, so you don't need to wait until renewal time- some car insurance companies may charge a special "short rate" cancellation penalty if you cancel in the middle of a policy term, so be sure to ask before you switch. If they do charge a penalty, you'll need to decide if the better rate outweighs the fee you'll pay.- in many cases, all you need to do to cancel your auto insurance policy is to inform your insurance company in writing, specifying the date you want the policy canceled and the reason for the cancellation- sometimes it's required that the company confirmed that you have a new policy for your car before canceling your old policy- when you receive an official policy cancellation notice from your car insurance company stating the date and time when your coverage will stop, you'll know your cancellation has been processed correctlySource(s):Insurance Brokers Toronto:



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