Car auctions in Santa Clara ca?

Car auctions in Santa Clara ca?

Does anyone know when or where?


Insurance Auto Auctions Incorporated(408) 283-0530iaai.com2233 S 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112



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Since they have not cancelled his policy, they will pay all legal expenses. They are not required to tell you the limits of coverage. You just submit the bills and if there is a problem, they will contact you. Anything above his coverage will be the drivers problem.

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First Thats a SCOOTER, not a Moped. "MOPED" is No more than 30mph, AND no more than 50cc`s.SECOND, there is No dealer, DO NOT BUY WITHOUT A DEALER. the dealer will set it up, and prep it for you, make adjustments and will have parts and warranty info for you!THIRD dont buy anything from CHINA...

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