Car auctions in Santa Clara ca?

Car auctions in Santa Clara ca?

Does anyone know when or where?


Insurance Auto Auctions Incorporated(408) 283-0530iaai.com2233 S 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112



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Who do I contact if my insurance company wouldn't fix my car correctly?
Tell the body shop that they need to make good on the headlights.Call the better business bureau.Contact the inurance commission for your state.Call the head office of the insurance company you have your policy with.Switch agents as the customer service doesn't seem very good with your current...

Where to get GAP insurance on high APR auto loan?
Wow, well, have you called the insurance company where you insure the car? That's probably the BEST place to get the gap from.Although they won't cover any negative equity rolled into the loan.Besides that, either drive very, very carefully for the next three years, or sell the car/cancel...

What if insurance does not giving enough money for repairs?
They will pay the lesser of the cost to repair - using reasonable rates - or the actual cash value of your vehicle. As long as you use an approved body shop, they will arrange to pay the shop directly, and they will negotiate directly with the shop, for the repairs.

How long can I work in Alberta with BC auto insurance/registration?
Before you leave for Alberta you have to stop by any Autoplan broker's office and change the territory on your policy to Territory 'Z' (Out-of-province territory). This is the most expensive territory, however if you do not do this consider your policy void. After you change the territory your...

What auto insurance companies are currently appointing in Florida?
You will have to shop around as you do.Get a quote from insurers you get from yellow pages or from the web.