Cheap auto insurance in Alberta?

Cheap auto insurance in Alberta?

I just got my first car and I am looking for auto insurance for the first time. Which companies offer the best rates? My car is 1988 mazda, how much does the insurance usually cost for my situation per month?


Hey,I just searched for car insurance last month, and it seems that RBC auto insurance offers the best rates (they were $500 cheaper then the next best company!).You also get a 5% discount if you get a online quote before you call and sign-up. My advise is to go with them.In order to get a ballpark figure I would need to know your age, how long you have had your license, if you have taken driver's ed. etc. There are many factors that affect insurance.Also if you are a student, there are many places like TD Meloche Monnex, and State Farm that offer discounts for students. The best bet is to get an online quote, then check out a couple local brokers. I believe that RBC auto insurance will be the cheapest however, so be sure to check them out!Source(s):


I have a list good websites offering cheap car insurance. They are all reputed insurance compnies.You can comapire rates between them cause its a big list.In this way you save money also.Send me a mail at [email protected] with subjet- cheap car insurance. I will send a link of best website where you can find good offers, tips and resources.Best wishes



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