Cost of high risk auto insurance in Canada?

Cost of high risk auto insurance in Canada?

Could somebody pleeaase give me a rough estimate of the yearly high-risk auto insurance cost?! I'-ve just recently recieved a DUI and my license is currently suspended. I am starting the process of gettin it back now though and would like an idea of cost please and thanks! :)Oh and I'-m also currently living in Ontario Canada, near Toronto but any estimate will help, Canadian or American! Thnx!


You're really not giving enough information to give an educated guess, however I can tell you that I recently insured someone in a similar circumstances (living in Mississauga) and it cost them $4,000 per year to insure an old POS at minimal coverage, however there is no guarantee that your circumstances even closely resemble their circumstance, so I would use the $4,000 as the starting point of how much it could cost but be prepared for the actual premium to be much higher.Source(s):Ontario broker



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