Cost.of living in Mexico??? Ive.been told cheap and expensive?

Cost.of living in Mexico??? Ive.been told cheap and expensive?

Omg!!!! A woman just said,"- in order to live american needs.5k american dollars a month in mexico???? Thats more then we live on in Prescott, AZ a highly expensive retirement community. 5k american dollars???we have a 5 year old and a 6 year old, hubby and myself. We want to live.decent, a mansion right off and a R.V. Etc...Does anyone have a real figure???


Mexico is NOT cheap. cars cost more, houses cost more, phone and internet service cost more, most products (including interest paid and earned) are subject to a 16% value added tax, gasoline costs more. Most people in Mexico who can afford it will send their children to private schools. Government studies show that the level of education in the public schools here is no lower than that of private schools, yet people feel that their children are in a better social environment in private schools. If you expect to have cars with auto insurance, live in a decent house with decent furnishings and what Americans consider indispensable modern conveniences and home communications and entertainment options, have two children in private school, go out to movies and restaurants or any entertainment outside of the home, and have private health insurance which is preferable to the socialized medicine available here you are going to need $4000 - $5000 dollars a month to live anything near as well as you live in the USA. Cost will depend on what part of the country you are in.This is a real figure. I have been living here 25 years. I KNOW what it costs to maintain a family as I am a head of household myself. I actually have colleagues who have girls about the age of your girls and I know how much they make and what it costs them to live. If you can afford to live in Prescott, Arizona in a highly expensive retirement community you should stay. My wife just retired and once I can retire we will be moving to another country.edit: from his previous posts I gather that Charlie is single and lives alone in a small town called Coatepec in the coffee growing region of Veracruz state right outside the state capital Jalapa. His assertion that the mall there (in Jalapa) and I am guessing he means Plaza Las Americas (although I haven't been to Jalapa in a while and there might be another) is expensive just shows his isolation. The stores in that shopping center are not at all expensive by Mexican standards although the price/quality index is lower than in USA. Xalapa does not have any stores which could be considered exclusive so you might want to take into consideration that Charlie's assertion that you can live cheap in Mexcio comes from someone who has few expenses yet believes that a regular neighborhood shopping center is expensive.


I too saw what you saw, but the question was about living in Cancun.Cancun is like "little New York City" expense wise. Everything is very expensive, because it is geared on only visiting foreigners.There are a few foreigners living there, but away from the maddening crowd and their expenses are not as much as in the resorts.Your profile is for Denver and I do not know how that would compare with Prescott, AZ that you also say you live in, but you might be able to do a comparison using Colorado Spring with Prescott or Aspen.I go along with the Charlie and a few others, I lived for 12 years in Acapulco and I lived very well for little money.


For living in Mexico you need monthly about $ 2 000 a month. A little bit more with children maybe.If you live alone and want to live modestly you need much less of course.Source(s):Mexican


That woman had no idea at all. It is Mexico not Japan.


Biggest expense is housing. I live in a brand new 3 bedroom , 2 bath , nice house in a nice neighborhood...not luxurious, but is about $340.00 a month. Water is less than $70.00 a YEAR, elec. is about $25 or $30 a month. Gas for the house is about $100 a year. Phone, less than $30 a month. Internet...$30 a month. cable TV about $50 a month. Rent and utilities are less here. Cable is about the same. Groceries are about the same except fruits and veggies which are very cheap. Everyday restaurants are way less. Nice restaurants are less but not as much. clothes cost more usually. Car repair, plumber, electrician, handyman are all way less. Gasoline is a little less. Movies are $3.50 in the afternoon. Everything at the big fancy mall is very expensive...nice place to look, not to shop. For $5000 a month , you could live like royalty. I have a house cleaner and gardener every week, too. If you have a house cleaner all day once a week, and she is excellent and you pay very well, it is about $25.00 for the day. She does everything and the ironing too. the gardener is about $20.00 a month. I buy any groceries I want and eat out several times a week. I pay $300 a YEAR for premium for the national health insurance...and it covers monthly doctor visit and over $200 worth of prescriptions every month, plus all labs, and x-rays and all hospital costs if needed. My full car insurance is less than $400 a year. Visa costs less than $140 a year. Expenses will vary depending on the area where you live and if there are a lot of gringos there. Your concern would be meeting the financial requirement to get FM3 visas as I explained previously.



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