Do car insurance companies consider education/income/occupation in determining the price of a policy?

Do car insurance companies consider education/income/occupation in determining the price of a policy?

To add to the ever-growing pile of insurance questions... We all know insurers consider things such as driving records (claims, accidents, tickets, etc...), age, characteristics of the area in which the car is parked/garaged, type of car, credit history (I BELIEVE I have named all of the most salient measures). However, other information is also collected such as your education, income level and occupation. Seems to be quite a lot of excess data for an auto insurance company. So, are any of these ever used in determining the cost?


Different companies consider different factors and give them different weights in calculating premium. Credit record matters to many companies. Usually they are only interested in your occupation if it might affect your risk (someone who delivers newspapers has a different risk than a real estate agent, who has a different risk than a regular commuter, etc.) I've never heard education or income being considered, but anything's possible.Source(s):Claims adjuster


Age, claims, garaged, replacement cost, distance to work, area, tickets and crime rate. Education, income level and occupation were not factored into the equation when I worked at Allstate.



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