Do car insurances typically give lower quotes for married couples?

Do car insurances typically give lower quotes for married couples?

I'-m going to be jumping on to my fiances auto plan [Progressive] and heard that insurance agencies give lower prices to married couples. Is this true? He drives a 1988 bonneville and I drive a 2001 sunfire. I am also in college, he isnt.


Yes, I'm also with progressive and I got married three years ago when I was 26. When I got married we combined our insurance policies. Our two cars on the same policy was actually cheaper than her policy + my policy before we got married. In other words we saved over 50%.Play with whose name is the "named insured" and who is just a "driver" on the policy. It will probably be cheaper to have the Mr. as a driver on the Mrs.' policy. (women almost always have lower insurance rates.)With his old bonneville you're probably not going to see a huge difference, insurance should already be pretty cheap but you should still see a noticeable difference. If you don't currently have comprehensive or collision, ask how much it would be to add them (probably just on the sunfire, the bonneville probably wouldn't be worth it.) Also consider lowering your deductible and raising you're liability limits--if you've currently got minimum Bodily Injury (BI of anything under $50,000) you're asking to get sued if you ever get in an accident and hurt someone.You might be pleasantly surprised how much cheaper the additional insurance costs.


well better to call three or four places in the top five of being the highest. and they go by age type of car and sure if one is married


Yes, when my husband and I got married our premiums dropped significantly. My rates only dropped slightly (maybe 5%) -- but his dropped about 30%.


For drivers in their twenties being married can sometimes put you in a different pricing tier than being single, which may result in a lower rate. After age 30 being married or not usually makes no difference. Since you have 2 cars you'll get a multi-car discount, which is usually anywhere from 10% to 30% depending on the company, so you'll probably notice some savings from that.Source(s):Insurance agent 10 years


Yes, married drivers are a statistically lower risk.


Yes. People who have less years of driving experience get a better rate if they are married.Also, get renters insurance and get a discount on both auto policies.



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