Do I get my own auto insurance or am I covered under gf?

Do I get my own auto insurance or am I covered under gf?

I live with my girlfriend. I have my own auto insurance, but am getting rid of my car and not buying a new one. I will occasionally drive her car. Should we get a two driver policy or do I keep my own insurance. What is the best thing to do? Thanks!


if your going to drive her car, you need to be listed as a driver of her car on her policy.


Put it under her name so if you get tickets or in accidents it's under her name


If you want to be covered when you drive her car, then you need to be listed as a driver on her policy. She would remain the named insured.If you are not listed on the policy and have an accident, then her insurance company may be able to deny coverage. This would leave you and her personally responsible for any damage/injuries you cause.


Just have her list you as a driver. You don't need a policy.


You should be able to get one policy and save some money. If you are living together you both need to be on the policy because the insurance company figures that you will be driving frequently. It's not fun, but you should get a couple of quotes for insurance, you will be able to get a better rate if you shop it around.


If you aren't part owner of the vehicle, you have no insurable interest to be named on the policy. If you are a legally licensed driver if you borrow your GF's car you borrow her insurance as well.Source(s):Insurance Agent


Legally it is not possible. You can listed your name as a driver of her. another way , you put your name and id as a driver in her insurance policy.If her car doing accident then she able to get compensate.Source(s):



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