Do I have enough qualifications?

Do I have enough qualifications?

Job Description:RESPONSIBILITIES:Reviews approved auto applications and contracts to ensure stipulations and conditions have been met and are in adherence to company policy. Ensures appropriate signatures have been obtained and correct data input errors and omissions. Matches incoming contract documents to approved applications and enter data into the Credit Revue system. Analyzes various pay stubs and tax returns to determine satisfaction of income verification stipulations. Interacts professionally with auto dealers, customers and other vendors to obtain missing or invalid information and documentation. Obtains and reviews documentation for accuracy and authenticity. Careful reviews all documents including book sheets, applications and stipulations for potential fraud. Communicates suspected fraud and or discrepancies to the Operations Manager. Obtains employment and insurance verifications. Provides assistance to internal and external customers regarding loan documentation and processing. Generates customer correspondence relating to the initiation of the loan in accordance with corporate guidelines. Responds to auto dealer problems and answers department telephone calls and route them accordingly. Also may greet visitors depending on the size of the RBC. May assist in other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager.REQUIREMENTS:High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Previous customer service, loan processing, and/or clerical experience preferred. Basic skills and general knowledge of computer use, reading, writing and arithmetic. Ability to interpret or extract information. Must be able to process information quickly and still maintain quality by having great attention to detail. Ability to analyze and make independent judgments on contract fundings while providing the highest level of service to the auto dealers. Ability to organize and prioritize details. Ability to work productively under minimal supervision. Must function as a committed team player. Requires strong interpersonal and problem solving skills. Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30 with Saturday hours as needed


yeah you shouldn't have any problem..most jobs prefer you not to have lots of experince so they can train you the way they want you to work them. give it a try. i hope i helped and good luck


The loan processing experience is included in a list of 3 criteria that would make you 'preferred.'The list also includes 'and/or' rather than just 'and.' Someone who has all 3 may be preferred ahead of you, but if you have 2/3, then you should still be preferred over someone who does not have either of those experiences.You definitely have enough to apply, but someone may be more qualified. It's always worth a shot!Good luck



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