Do I have to show proof of ownership of a car to get car insurance online?

Do I have to show proof of ownership of a car to get car insurance online?

Do I need to show any type of proof or give a vin number for a car to buy auto insurance online?


You don't need to show proof of ownership (but if you're doing it for a friend who owns/uses it, they should be a listed driver). A VIN usually helps determine the symbol for the car (replacement cost -- needed to calculate comp and collision). But you'll do better finding a local independent agent with lots of companies, explain any situations that may need special handling (DUI's, teen drivers, no prior insurance, combining with homeowners/renters, etc.). The usual advice is: higher coverage (slight price increase), higher deductible (lowers the price), honesty about your record. Your credit rating can also affect the price with most companies -- be prepared to be asked for a SSN, or to give them your credit score in lieu of this. Independent agents can usually get you a better price, because they can comparison shop many companies (would you rather priceline/travelocity if you're looking for an airline ticket, or would you rather call each airline?).



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