Do I have to wait until after I get a car to get auto insurance?

Do I have to wait until after I get a car to get auto insurance?

I do NOT have a vehicle yet but I am planning on getting one within the next few months.So I'-ve been trying to research auto insurance rate "-quotes"- but they all ask me what I kind of a car I have, how long I'-ve had it and what security features are with the car under the assumption that I already own something. So I can'-t just research different companies without having a vehicle already.However, I thought you had to have car insurance BEFORE I buy the car. Is this false?


yes because insurance rate is for your car and is diff for different cars and ages of the cars


No you don't need it before you buy the car. But if you get a loan for the car, the bank won't give you a loan without insurance.When you're getting quotes just use the car your most likely to get. After you decide on the car, you can update the quote and get the policy.Don't be stupid and pay for insurance without owning a car. Maybe the insurance company will open a policy and start it on the day you get the car, most will have some kind of program like that.


Yes and no, kind of.Seriously, get used to that. When you ask an insurance question, it's never a yes or no. It's always a yes with an if and a no with a but, and that's just the way it is.You do need insurance on a car as soon as you drive it, no exceptions. But you can't get insurance on a car you don't own, so it seems like a paradox. But it's not. Here's how it works, step by step.- You find a car you really want to buy, and decide to buy it.- You call an insurance guy of your choice (as many as you want) and find out how much they'll charge you to insure it. They'll ask a lot of questions and offer a lot of different options. And if they don't, don't trust them.- You & the seller sign a contract of purchase. The contract is always conditional on you fulfilling the insurance and licencing requirements before you take possession. If you can't insure and licence the vehicle, the deal becomes null and void.- Then call up your insurance guy and tell them you're buying that vehicle, so you need to get a policy. Most insurers can have a valid policy in force that very day, and you'll have paper documentation verifying valid insurance. The effective date of the policy is to be the day you pick up the vehicle.- You (or the dealer) then go to the licencing office with all the required paperwork, pay the fee, and have the vehicle registered and plated.Voila, now you can drive the vehicle home with all your papers in order. NOTE: There may be extra steps like safety inspections and smog tests involved too. I'm only covering the basic-basic stuff here, so leave room for the what-if factors.So there you go. Hope that helps.


You haven't painted the whole picture for us. What is your age? Do you live w/parents and have access to their vhcls at this time, are you currently on their policy?Are you familiar w a named, non-owned auto policy. Quoting in Advance Discounts.Are you working w/an Agent or on-line. Name your price on-line doesn't take into acct, ... to suggest you quote one step higher coverage or one step lower Deductible.If you have not had coverage or access to a vhcl until you purchase a car now. I would not obtain or start coverage until you are ready to take possession. Don't start a non-owned only to cancel in a week as the policy would need to be re-written.If known in advance that your going to buy something and can have all info. except the exact car entered into the system a quote/coverage can be provided in seconds. When you go to the dealer or seller and ready to make that final decision, provide the Yr, Make, Model, VIN, usage, etc. and the app. can be sent to you (or dealer) for signature along w/Temporary ID Cards.


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You do not need to have a car to buy insurance. You should say you own the car you're most likely going to buy or thinkin of buying. Just choose all the security features (I did that but my car probably doesnt even have it)



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