Do I need auto insurance before purchasing a used car?

Do I need auto insurance before purchasing a used car?

Do i need to purchase an auto insurance plan BEFORE I go to buy my car, or do I buy car first then get insurance? I live in Florida.


Either you purchase used or new, every car needs insurance coverage. When you will purchase a car dealer will help you to buy insurance for your car or you can search online foe better insurance quote and compare them for best plus cheap.Source(s):


What I do: Call your agent BEFORE you drive off the lot. Ask for a verbal binder. You will have to give the agent your information, including details about the car. Most P&C agents can bind coverage verbally, but you WILL be expected to go to their office and pay your initial premium as soon as possible.Some carriers, and some agencies, can accept a binder using a credit card or electronic check over the phone.I recommend you go their office on the way home, if any wet signatures are required.A prudent person does not drive anywhere without at least liability insurance. Most people are concerned with their own property, and focus on low deductibles for the comprehensive and collision.A very smart person will focus on the larger risk: The possible damage one can do to others, which is what liability insurance covers. It is better to have a $500 deductible on your property with $300,000 of liability coverage, than to have a $100 deductible on your property with minimum financial responsibility on the liability side.


Call your insurance company with the VIN the same or next day you buy your car. Have your insurance company info handy when you go make the purchase just in case. If your financing, you will probably be required to carry full coverage.Source(s):It's how I've always done it before.


you can buy the car but you cannot REGISTER it until there is an insurance provider. the registration is required to operate the vehicle on public roads, to inspect the vehicle for emissions and state inspection, and to insure the vehicle.


you are not even reguired to have insurance in florida.But it is a good idea.after you buy the car.



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