Do I need car insurance to drive into Canada?

Do I need car insurance to drive into Canada?

I'-m driving through Vermont to Montreal. I need to know if I'-m required have auto insurance to cross the border in my car? Will the border agents ask for my car insurance.


The agent probably won't ask you to produce licence/insurance documentation but - yes, it's the law that you have Public Liability/Property Damage at a minimum.


Yes, you need car insurance valid in Canada. You'd have to check with your insurance company to see if it covers temporary trips outside the country.Border agents typically won't ask for proof of insurance -- or even car ownership. They have far too many cars crossing the border. The only exceptions would be if it was in really bad shape, your name was flagged on the POES (point of entry system) computer, or they had some other reason to suspect something.In Quebec (as in most Canadian provinces) the fines for driving without insurance are astronomical. They start at $5,000 and can go up to $25,000. In almost all cases, if you are caught without insurance, they'll just impound the vehicle.


Of course you need car insurance. You need car insurance to drive anywhere, including your home town.You probably meant to ask whether you need any special coverage. That depends on your current insurance carrier. You need to ask them.Border agents typically don't worry about car insurance. I've never heard them asking about it.


Insurance is mandatory in Canada. In most provinces you cannot get license plates renewed without it.Actually most US states require it too.However, the border guards will not ask for proof of insurance unless you give them some reason to search your car.


If you show up uninsured in Canada, you won't be coming back. That's illegal.Otherwise your home insurance is fine.


To drive your car in Canada, you do need insurance. The border agents may well ask you about it.


You need car insurance to drive through most of North America.


you need car insurance to drive your car in general.



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