Do I need to inform my insurance company in writing that I won't be renewing my policy?

Do I need to inform my insurance company in writing that I won't be renewing my policy?

My auto insurance policy with The Hartford is up for renewal on February 22. I spoke to a local Nationwide agent, who gave me a significantly lower quote ($150 less per year) for better coverage. Do I need to inform The Hartford in writing that I won'-t be renewing my policy, or would a phone call be better?


You could phone them, but your new insurance company should take care it.


Why don't you call them and find out what is it that they need? You actually do not have to wait until renewal. You can cancel any time and even get a bit of a refund. That is true for any auto insurance policy since you can sell the car, decide not to use it anymore, of the car could be stolen. Typically the new company notifies the previous one. Speak with your new agent and find out. Why wait? Best of luck.


You don't have to do either, you just don't pay your renewal and it doesn't renew. Simple as that. It will expire on the expiration date.Source(s):I'm an independent insurance agent



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