Do insurance companies in Alberta provide the insureds with a lawyer if the insured is being sued?

Do insurance companies in Alberta provide the insureds with a lawyer if the insured is being sued?

Or do the insured'-s lawyer represent the insured and the insurer?


If you are being sued, then YOUR insurance company must provide a lawyer for free, since this is part of all auto policies.But,,,,the only time that it "might" represent the insured and the insurance company, (IF), the person suing you is asking more than the policy limits that you purchased. At that time, YOUR insurance company will "suggest" you hire a lawyer at your expense to protect you if they are able to win for more than the limits of your policy.But it is the job of your insurance company to try and pay no more than your limits, but sometimes, if the damages are more, then you could be held liable for anything over your limits.good luck


The insurance company is responsible to represent the insureds for any covered claim and provide an attorney if necessary.



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