Do my aftermarket parts get counted on an auto claim?

Do my aftermarket parts get counted on an auto claim?

Ok, so a week ago or so I wrecked my car, didnt seem to bad at the time but I guess most of the damage wasnt visible and now they are trying to pay me for the car to be salvaged minus $500 deductible. Im fine with that, however, I have in the car a lot of aftermarket parts, first off my radio, but im sure i will be alloted some time to get that and my speakers out, I also have a cold air intake installed ($300) as well as aftermarket rims and tires ($1700), Is the insurance company at least supposed to pay for some of this as well? I cant very easily just take the wheels, but if it comes down to that I sure will, none the less defiantly not accepting their offer until they go up somewhat for that fact. Thanks all in advance, by the way the insurance co. is USAA, if you have any experience with what Im asking.


If you notified USAA and included the upgrades on your policy, and paid the extra premiums to do so, there should be no problem (Radio might be the exception). If you did not, you can return the original wheels and other parts and keep your upgrades, again, there should be no problem.But you do not get to have things paid for that you have not included on your policy, the term for that is "insurance fraud".If you no longer have the original parts (bad idea), you will have to talk with USAA about removing parts. The value between no wheels and stock wheels is minimal, but you will need their written consent (or that of a salvage buyer).


Scott is correct. A typical auto insurance policy covers fair market value in the event of a total loss (salvage). Fair market value generally means stock or with factory installed options and what it is going for "on the market" today -- not what you paid for it.You could have notified your insurance company about the aftermarket parts and paid additional premium. These type of auto insurance policies are commonly referred to as "Replacement Cost" policies. They cover the replacement cost of the vehicle and accessories. You mentioned your with USAA, they are legit and should work with with them before removing anything off the vehicle. Insurance fraud is serious business and is a felony. Good luck.



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