Do people railing against AZ IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT?

Do people railing against AZ IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT?

REALLY believe that ILLEGAL Immigration does not cost our economy?I was reading an article on changes in car theft technologies.At the end it had a list of the worst cities for car theft.Rank (by density)/ Metropolitan / Vehicles Stolen1. Laredo, TX 1,7922. Modesto, CA 3,7123. Bakersfield, CA 5,5304. Stockton, CA 4,4795. Fresno, CA5,8756. Yakima, WA1,5257. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA 26,3748. Visalia-Porterville, CA 2,4409. Las Vegas-Paradise, NV 10,70610. Albuquerque, NM 4,815Source: Auto thefts by cities 2009- National Insurance Crime Bureau…Now gee, all but one of those cities is in a border state with a high concentration of ILLEGAL immigrants, and that city Yakima, WA has a well documented problem with ILLEGAL Immigrants, particularly as regard to those involved in crime.No surprisingly ILLEGAL immigrants also have a high level of NON-compliance in regards to Auto INSURANCE regulations, and we all know who ends up paying for that!Who are the people complaining about IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT trying to kid?It certainly isn'-t anyone who actually READS!


And what about the billions they send back to mexico and the money they use in government assistance? People who dont see this are ignorant.


At least once a month you hear of some fool in the barrio in south tucson killing his girl friend or wife. The news media is so biased they never say how many were illegals. What I know for a fact is ,The guy I caught on my property trying to steal my truck was really happy to see the border patrol pull up. He has no Idea how lucky he was.


most are kin of the illegals or people who are hiring them at cheap wages and the illegals themselves


Maybe. And you know the cars were stolen by illegal immigrants how?====================================When there are no illegal aliens in town, the car theft problems almost dissapears. Further, when you look at the reason people are in jail, the guys names Gutirrez are in jail for narcotics with weapon, and auto theft.Other than that.. what is there.. Ohhh... this. please cheer up... the Federal Government is doing every single thing it can to hide the statistics on the illegal aliens. They might do it too.===========================More to the point, I have visited many of these cities and there are much bigger problems than illegal immigrants. I won't go into much more detail, but they are incredibly impoverished areas that have had high crime for a long time.-----------------------------Yeh... everyone knows where the crime is, and who lives there. You couldn't link it if you tried either. But the illegal aliens form the back bone of the truely impoverished parts of any of the border towns.


Also, notice that none of those cities are in Arizona, the state that's supposedly overrun with immigrant crime. Crime, by the way, is down in the border cities.More to the point, I have visited many of these cities and there are much bigger problems than illegal immigrants. I won't go into much more detail, but they are incredibly impoverished areas that have had high crime for a long time.Finally, part of the reason illegal immigrants commit crimes is because they're illegal. When you make drugs illegal, bad people sell drugs. When you make human beings illegal, you interfere with their ability to work and have respectable lives. Many of them get caught up in drug or crime rings because they don't have anywhere else to go. They are in a country where they don't speak the language well and can't pursue normal, legal avenues for employment, housing or anything else.P.S. Realize that correlation does not equal causation. You actually need to prove that the crime rate has to do with illegal immigrants. You can't just point to a handful of "border towns" and go "a-ha!" And I'd hardly consider Stockton and Modesto on the border. They're just in a border state.Source(s):…


All Arizona is asking for is for our law enforcement to be given the right to enforce the Federal Immigration Laws.. Arizona is having great difficulty with battling illegal immigration. WE ARE NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION! WE ARE NOT RACIST! We just want the immigrants to come here legally. That’s all.We have done everything we can for those that enter our county legally. We have special court systems for the Spanish speaking. Our schools are required to offer ESL classes (English as a Second Language). Our election ballots, hospital admission forms, unemployment forms, job applications,banking forms, etc are in English and Spanish. We are not going door to door asking for IDs. We are asking that in the normal course of Police Business, the police are allowed to establish they are here legally by asking for a drivers lic or ID.Where our frustration comes in, is when you see pictures of our desert severely littered by the illegals, (Can provide horrific pictures) when the illegals are smuggling massive amounts of drugs across the border, when the illegals ambush our patrolling law enforcement w/AK-47s, when S.Arizona land owners are being shot and killed on their own property and if the owners are not killed they are losing livestock by the 100’s because they are being injured/killed/eaten by the border crossers, when illegals kidnap their own countrymen/woman and children, torturing, starving and holding them hostage within our neighborhoods, when my child’s school can no longer offer educational programs because the extra funds MUST go to ESL program, when state programs offered for low income children are being obliterated because Arizona funds are paying for the delivery of “anchor babies” and medical care of illegals , when they bring their drug cartel wars on to American soil, when they march in our streets waving THEIR nation’s flag, demanding OUR rights. What do you suggest we do?


Maybe. And you know the cars were stolen by illegal immigrants how?


I love how acceptable it is now to openly hate hispanics. Ahh the good ol' days are back, my friends. Now if only we could find a way to make black people illegal. You see, we took this land from the native LEGALLY! Now all these brown people are sacrificing their lives and families to be american! Ha! real americans don't have to work to become americans. It is their birthright! We don't have to earn anything cause we were born here. That's what I call ethical Christian justice.


"It certainly isn't anyone who actually READS!"I've read it, Sparky. There are definitely problems with the law. So say several republican governors, former governors and even the Sheriff of a county in Arizona that is on the Mexico border, Pima county.


There is NO debate among people with ANY "common sense"- illegal immigration might be 'wrong' but it is a net benefit to the US economy, and if you do not realize that, you just have not thought it through.Companies that hire illegals can pay them LESS than Federal minimum wage, and so can pass those savings along to the USA, we call this "capitalism". Getting rid of all the illegals would cause 30-50% inflation across the that what you want?Is there some reason you do not comprehend why George Bush AND Bill Clinton did nothing to address this "issue"? You realize they were on "opposite sides", right?Or were you home-schooled?



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