Do republicans agree that rising health care costs are dangerous to the USA's economy?

Do republicans agree that rising health care costs are dangerous to the USA's economy?

the only people benefiting from the current health care system are: drug companies raising the price of drugs that sell for dollars less all over the world, doctors performing multiple unnecessary (or unsure) tests for extra money, and insurance companies that raise rates and deny applications for the sick and elderly. these uncontrolled costs lead straight to bankruptcy like GM &- Chrysler are dealing do republicans agree changes to the USA'-s healthcare system are necessary?


Nothing should be done with an old or new health care systems until we address the actual problems of cost, ever increasing cost.I believe one of the main reasons health care is so expensive is the court system. It has become like Lotto. The same for drug companies and hospitals.For example, you said Dr.s perform unnecessary tests for extra money. Actually they perform a very large battery of tests, beyond what the symptoms call for, for CYA.If you go in for symptom X, it’s not a mystery, the Dr pretty much knows what it is. To confirm, he only needs to do 4 tests. BUT there is ALWAYS a chance it could be something else. So he call for 16 tests. So if you DO take him to court, he can say he went beyond due diligence, please don’t make my malpractice insurance pass 7 figures a year.Its like a war. Can you imagine how many lawsuits are going on right now involving Dr.s Hospitals and drug companies in the USA? YOU and I are paying for it.But most of our elected officials are lawyers or married to one. So they will continue to ignore the root problem of the cost of health care.


No I'm not for paying for health care for illegal aliens and for a plan that will make me six months to see a doctor or to the point at which someone would die before being able to be seen.


No. They believe in health care for profit, no competition for insurance companies and taxing employee health care benefits.


Actually Nyssa your idea of what conservatives want for the health care system are inconsistent. Republicans want health care to be profitable yes, everyone should. But what they want is to create competition, allow health care providers to compete to provide the best care at the lowest cost to people. And as for Republicans wanting to tax employee health care benefits, well, I think you are confusing Republicans and Democrats.To answer the question:Yes, but they do not see it as the melodramatic mess that you do. They see the best health care system in the world (believe it or not) that can be made better. They do NOT agree that a government-monopoly of the health care system is a good thing. In fact it is quite scary.


Nope.Healthcare cost were derailed by unchecked and unlimited tort claims. We do not need healthcare reform in this country we need tort reform.It's not only drug companies that benefit (which isn't true), personal injury lawyers and claimants have benefitted from baseless lawsuits for years.I resent the accusation you make that physicians perform multiple unnecessary tests for extra money. But I'll with hold my judgement until you are the patient demanding that everything possible be done to diagnose and treat you.You make a claim that the healthcare industry has had a catastrophic financial meltdown like GM and Chrysler... but also claim that it is benefiting from higher costs.... it can't go both ways.Do some research and stop listening to the party line. It's not a republican or democrat issue.Source(s):I'm a physician


Don't know, but when you need an operations such as a knee replacement or bypass surgery or heart transplant and the government tells you sorry you are too old and the costs is too high therefore you must die. Don't complain to the people smart enough to not vote for this crap. Changes in heath care may be necessary but one of them that isn't necessary is to have the government run it. The government couldn't run a lemonade stand let alone heath care.




Depends why they are rising. If we are buying more and better health care than rising costs are not unreasonable.The problem with US health care is what happens whenever you restrict supply, be it the medieval guild that restricts the number of health care providers, laws that make it difficult to drive down the price of pharmaceuticals, or tax policy that keeps consumers from shopping the best costs, what we have here is interference in the market. Let's fix that first and then worry about ancillary issues.


The CARE end of the equation is really out of the hands of the government except for regulations concerning health and safety. What's at issue is the INSURANCE end of the equation. The only practical way to deal with this end of the problem is to either have a Universal HEALTH INSURANCE system to pay the bills, or to super regulate the private insurance industry by forcing them to accept boiler plate policies that can be improved, but not diminished. Most states have done this with auto insurance and with homeowners insurance and insurance companies manage to make money on both of these items. But let's be real.....the GOP is dead set against doing what needs to be done. Somehow they'll manage to torpedo anything that may be good for the public. Case in point: The VA buys drugs via contract with the drug companies. Veterans can get a 30 day supply of almost any drug for as little at SFCOllie

Yes we understand that health care needs to be looked at and that some changes need to be made to curtail higher costs. No doubt there is waste and abuse in the system. But to tear down a system that covers over 90% of the people who wish to be covered is a bit out of line, Especially since we do not have the money to fund such a huge undertaking.SFCUS ArmyRetired

2.00. The drug companies make big bucks at even this price. Why can't the general public have this kind of deal? Answer....the reactionaries of the GOP are against the idea. Instead they stuck us with their numb nuts Medicare part 'D', thus screwing our old folks with a useless 10% reduction...big deal! Realistically we may never get the deal we're entitled to until and unless the Democrats and the reasonable republicans grow a pair, tell the 'conservative' weasels to stick it where the sun don't shine and change this abortion of a non-system to something that reflects the 21st century. My opinion!


They do not. What you listed only helps people. They care about corporations getting rich vs the average person not going bust over medicine.


Yes we understand that health care needs to be looked at and that some changes need to be made to curtail higher costs. No doubt there is waste and abuse in the system. But to tear down a system that covers over 90% of the people who wish to be covered is a bit out of line, Especially since we do not have the money to fund such a huge undertaking.SFCUS ArmyRetired


I agree. And the Republicans should have done something about it if they didn't want socialized medicine. They never did anything -- they never did anything about illegal immigrants either.


Everything is rising in costs because our government is over spending, over borrowing, and over printing causing inflation.More and more people can't afford health care, especially minimum wage workers because the value of the dollar is decreasing -- and the fact we are ALL making less money then we were before the recession.Our taxes are SO damn high because of our military, and our foreign policy. Our government has gotten so HUGE we can no longer afford it and the recession today is proof!We need to lower our taxes, balance the damn budget and stop the billions and trillions of dollars that go in FOREIGN AID! That is the only way we can get our dollar's value back up so people can afford things again.WHY continue this problem! Stop voting in the same fat *** bureaucrats. Things keep getting worse and worse under then, so what is the POINT to continue to vote for them?


Only if they're not receiving lobbyist money


Yep- stop giving everybody every dang pill they ask for-America needs to detox- badpills to get uppills to sleeppills to improve your moodpills to have sexpills to make you skinny



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