Do you know about

Do you know about

for what purpose this site is used and I want to know this is free of cost or not


Seems like insurance company or something...Anyway, to answer this question, I usually resort to the 'About Us' section in any new website...Here's what I've just found:About®In an effort to recognize the superior driving habits of teachers, our teachers program was created in 1992. Our goal: to provide low cost auto insurance to educational professionals (active and retired) and their immediate families.Today, and our Insurance insure thousands of drivers across the United States. Teachers have switched to us not only for our lower rates, but for our superior customer service as well.To help you make the right choice, here is a bit about what we’re made of:Our Insurance coverage is underwritten by companies in the Kemper Corporation family of insurance companies. insurance companies are subsidiaries of Kemper Corporation, which has over $8 billion in believes in dealing with you direct, which means we sell insurance directly to you on our website or over the phone with one of our fantastic agents that understand the needs of the education community.We’re customer-driven and committed to awesome service. We make things like buying insurance simple and believe it should be easy for our customers to do business with us. Our prices are competitive because we leverage the benefits of cutting edge technology in order to save you money. We also offer auto & home insurance as a benefit program for school districts, universities and more- premiums can even be payroll deducted! mention this to your HR Representative and ask them to contact 800-523-3796 ext 7536 for more information.Source(s)



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