Do you need to report a delivery job on auto Insurance?

Do you need to report a delivery job on auto Insurance?

If I got a job where I need to use my car for work, do I need to report it to my auto insurance, and if so, will my rates go up?


yes and maybe.....if u lie and get in a wreck they can refuse to your policy


It would be better if you did. There could be a problem with payment if they find out. Companies have statistics on the average number of miles most people drive per year. This is used, along with, statistics on how many miles are driven on average before an accident happens. Using your vehicle for work purposes increases your miles driven. Your rates MAY raise a bit. Most companies pay for employees who use their vehicles and this is for fuel, maintenance and insurance.


Call your insurance company right away and ask!There is no uniform answer to either question. Usually, the usage of the vehicle (commute, business, or pleasure) is primarily for informational purposes, not rating purposes.It is important to divulge your delivery job to your insurance company because they may deny a claim based on their lack of that knowledge. Note that they "MAY" deny a claim, not that they would automatically deny any and all claims. That is why it is critical that you call your insurance company and ask how they would handle your specific situation.Source(s):Myself as a licensed property and casualty insurance agent


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Yes, if you're using your vehicle for work, you need to inform your insurance compay. And yes, most likely your premiums will increase due to the increased risk of an accident, because your vehicle is being driven more.


Most standard auto insurance policies do not cover vehicle use for business purposes. Commuting to/from work is not considered business use. Delivering pizzas, running service calls, deliveries, etc are considered business use. If involved in an accident while on business, your insurance may not be obligated to pay.


Yes and Yes. If you don't notify your insurance, they will not pay a claim. Sometimes you can claim a deduction on your taxes for mileage and insurance if it is job related.



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