Do you think a 12 year old should be able to get pregnant?

Do you think a 12 year old should be able to get pregnant?

My 12 year old sister is pregnant. What do you think about that?


Adoption is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.Keeping a baby you can’t afford and/or aren’t ready for is a formula for disasterThe government has deemed minors (teens) incapable to have the mental capacity to be legally responsible for themselves, so WHY would it make sense to allow a legally irresponsible teen to be responsible for themselves AND another human life?!Any idiot can have sex, but it takes much more to be a responsible, mature and financially stable parent. Age DOES matter! Maturity is gained through life experiences and life experiences are obtained over time.Getting knocked up doesn't magically make you mature or a responsible adult! Don’t say “age doesn’t matter”, because the youngest mother recorded was 5yrs old!Abortion is simply a medical procedure to remove a parasitic organism$200-$1,000 (abortion) will save your life/future, the father’s life/future, and keep your parents from humiliation.1 in 4 women miscarries, so you don’t even know that you would miscarry anyways. Abortions are the man-made miscarriage.Having a knocked up teen daughter is a failure on the parents.Do you realize that you're a direct reflection of their ability to be good parents, right?People will judge THEM by what YOU do.Keeping a baby YOU can't afford or take care of is NOT "brave", "mature" or "responsible" but actually irresponsible, selfish, and just plain dumb!If your PARENTS wanted another child then THEY would have had one. If you can't care for a baby independently then you have NO business having one! Sometimes the “responsible” thing to do IS to have an abortion.Studies have shown that the MAJORITY of women/girls feel relief after abortions (I know I did!) and that guilt, complications, and regret are NOT common.Did you know just giving birth in a hospital costs thousands of dollars alone? Teens just don’t have that kind of money. YOU do not have the necessary assets to raise a child. Your mother/father is NOT responsible for you or your baby, so think very hard about this. They CAN legally kick you out on the street with a new born baby. If you want to play grown up then go play grown up in the REAL world like the rest of us.******************Fun and TRUE pregnancy FACTS about most females: .-The area of skin between your vagina and anus will tear open to create ONE LARGE HOLE between your legs…-You will poop and pee on the delivery table (in front of everyone) during birth.-You will have stretch marks.-For the next 2 years you will average about 3 hours of sleep a night.educational birth video:…----------------Basics for being a successful parent:(the ideal situation)Be at least 21 (25+ is best)live within your means INDEPENDANTY (meaning NOT with mom and dad)be married (or have life partner)have at least $5,000 just for the babyable to spend at least $400/month on the baby in addition to normal billsboth own cars (or just 1 if you live in a major city and use public transportation)both have careers (not just jobs)both have AT LEAST graduated high school (better if you both have degrees)BOTH WANT KIDSHave insurance (home/renters, auto, health)I’m adopted, and the system is flawed! (I was lucky and got adopted into a wealthy and loving family, but that’s rare. Adoption is like dropping a pet off at the shelter, getting a family is NOT guaranteed) The world already has TOO many unwanted kids, so don’t choose adoption either. At any given time there are OVER half a MILLION kids in need of foster/adoptive parents in just the USA. Chances are your kid will end up abused or on the streets if you go with adoption.I had an abortion when I was 18 and it was the best decision I ever made for myself! (I had plans and a future ahead of me) I have NEVER regretted that choice! And that was 9 yrs ago. I'm kid-free and HAPPY, and thankful! No pain No regret No problem!(Remember- abortions are legal in the USA until 24 weeks in all 50 states, because the fetus is not viable outside the womb)ABORTIONS ARE SAFE, SIMPLE, EASY, AND NECESSARY!The legalization of abortions reduced the crime rates in the 1990s! (sources: John Donohue III & Steven Levitt “The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime” and John Conklin 10th edition “Criminology”)


Well, obviously a 12 year old can developmentally be able to get pregnant, as demonstrated by your sister. As for what I think of it I think that it is kind of horrible. She is so young. ? I'm not sure about how rough that is going to be on her body but I can only imagine. She is still a child herself pretty much with little to no life experience. Soon she'll be getting a heaping dose of it. I hope your parents intend to raise it. Do your parents know yet? I would suggest making sure they know. I would also suggest that she goes to see a doctor. Being pregnant so young could have complications. Good luck, sounds like it's going to be an interesting time for you.Btw, Sgt Shammy is RAD! Read what she says and absorb!


i'm 18 now and i got pregnant when i was 15 so i'm not here to judge. it was so hard. i can't imagine being 12 and having a child. your sister is going to need a lot of support from you. she is going to get called a ton of names and she is going to have to give up her life (even though it has been so short so far) for this baby, (if she decides to keep it). she needs to know that you are on her side 100%no i don't think 12 year olds should be pregnant but that is because i don't think 12 year olds should be having sex. but obviously it is possible, pending the case of your sister.if you have any questions or need help my email is the same as my name for the yahoo answers account.good luck with that.Source(s):my own expriences.


That is so discusting!!! Im sorry to say this but shes a slut (sorry to say it but thats what she is going to be called) Today people are getting stupider and stupider have sex younger and younger and thinking that if they dont use a condom and he pulls out before they are safe umm NO!! there is a thing called Pre-*** like seriously!! and my sister is that age and told me that one of her friends that is 10 had sex with an expired comdom like WTF use ur head kids. I just find it very discusting at that age.


-no offense-SLUT!!!!! sorry for callin her that12 yrs old and pregnant?shudnt be having sex at tht age .. either u or parents take care of the baby or put it up for adoptionthey shud change the show to 12 and pregnant bc it seems like kids UNDER 16 are gettin prego!!Source(s):i aint tryin to sound mean or anything


well, i think its a huge failure of your parents, i mean, how can a twelve year old have sex without her parents knowing? i am really sorry for her, if she has this baby it could cause huge problems for her, she hasn't even gone through puberty! i think the only option is abortion. i am so sorry.


That she is a dumb (just for getting pregnant young) little girl who just completely ruined her life. Also, myself and I am sure many others will assume that she is a huge s**t that will get with anything that moves. Wish her luck for me.


No offense or anything..but a 12 year old pregnant..She should be holding up a sign that says, "SLUT."18 year old's shouldn't even be pregnant..Source(s):Sorry for saying she's a slut....


She hasn't even gone through puberty yet.But she is obviously a slut and im not going to apologize for saying that, because it's true.


shes a slut ,whore and trashy teen moms are not cute they are trash breeding trash! welfare queens! I have no respect for teen moms (pregnant teens)! They should be spit on! they are irresponsible!


Ew. A 12 year old should not be having sex. Lol good luck to her, hope she enjoys pretty much giving her life up for this baby.


Absolutely not! thats grooosss!!! Shes in what 6th or 7th grade!? Yahhhhhh I watched disney channel then... f*ck I still doo and I'm 18 and I would never do that!


>2012>Trolling Yahoo answersISHYGDDT


Damn. Pray for her because this is a time of need. Omg I'm so sorry


I think you're sister's slightly stupid. And that's being nice.



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