Do you think Florida should follow Arizona's new immigration law?

Do you think Florida should follow Arizona's new immigration law?

I oppose the law in general, but I don'-t know about Arizona or it'-s situation. However, I dont think that Florida needs this law.Because:1. Florida'-s is pretty diverse and wouldn'-t the reduce our economy tremendously?2. Florida'-s seems to be doing a great job. I mean, Miami once had a high crime rate due to all the prisoners from Cuba, getting released into Florida. Isn'-t that problem solved, already?3. The law seems pretty offensive. I mean, would you like a cop coming towards you, asking if you'-re an american?Correct me if I'-m wrong but dont call me stupid. Im just learning.


I think that every state should implement this law.BTW - you third question indicates that you have no clue about what is in the Arizona law.(Anybody notice that the people who most strongly oppose the Arizona law are the ones who do not know what it says?)


I don't think any state or country should take an immigration law.


Yes. because liberal florida is full of illegals from the antilles, central america and south america


You dont live in South Florida then


I live in South Florida, let me tell you, you don't know what you are talking about. I go to Target and I hear nothing but Spanish, how do I even know these people are here legally?You are right however, that it'd hurt Florida's economy. People from all over the world come to the sunny beaches, and MANY Latinos come to visit their families. If they law is put into place, it would stop people and families from coming.BUT Florida, and I'm a South Floridian, we need this law. But because our economy is failing, and then it will cause havoc and our tourist revenue, we can't have it. We should have a different law but not exactly the Arizona law. Something that would remove illegals without people who are don't read causing an offensive? who cares, they are doing their job. I look like a hispanic, I don't care I'm here legally.I feel for the people in Arizona, they have this law to clean up criminals, they have to do what they have to do.Miami has a high crime rate still, and most of the times it's Latinos.You are SO wrong about #2 btw.Look up SB1070 and read it. There's nothing offensive or wrong about it. People are taking the hate for the bill out of proportion.


florida and every other state should folow the AZ law. they are here ILLEGALLY what cant people understand about that


Yes, they should. Also the cop has to have probable cause, they can't just run around asking anyone for no reason.


i have no problem with cops asking if i have papers...i am legal :) ...and if someone has problems with that..r probly not legal...personally...i dont give a poo about this has nothing to do with me, yes it shall have an impression in our future..but in no way at the moment..does it effect me :)


This country is starting to wise up on all the issues about immigration concerns. We understand that people should not be a burden to the American public or economy, and that freud is a big part of illegal alien migrants.Yes .. all states should adopt laws like Az. We should also change to a National I.D. This would eliminate SS#'s and it would not be easy to duplicate if verification was available to law enforcement.


Every state needs this law. If you are committing a crime you should be punished. I would expect to have to carry and show my papers if I was traveling to a foreign country


Have you read the AZ law as it was written? Have you read what the US rules are for carrying ID if you are a legal alien.The AZ law as written did not allow an officer of the law to stop someone who they suspected as being an alien. What it did allow was if someone was stopped for doing something suspected as being illegal, then they could IF there was suspicion they might be an illegal alien could ask for ID.Put yourself on the other side for a minute. You are a police officer. You stop someone for speeding. You ask for drivers license and registration. And they say 'No habla ingles'. What would you do? What should you do?Miami took care of the problem. Arizona is trying to. Miami never had the influx of illegals that AZ has had over the past 30 years. And with due respect it is a little different trying to get here from Haiti or Cuba than what you have to go through to get here from Mexico.


Yes, Florida should adopt the AZ law.I have a friend who went to nursing school with me. She is from FL. She cannot get hired unless she learns Spanish. This also pertains to Police, Firemen and teachers. While Florida is diverse as far as containing Cubans, Dominicans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Costa Ricans, Columbians, etc, they all have one thing in common--they ALL speak Spanish.The AZ law is fair. I must carry photo College ID to use their library, I must carry a photo employee ID to gain access to the hospital employees area/s, I must carry a valid Michigan Driver's license-proof of auto ownership & proof of insurance with my ADDRESS all matching when I drive. I live by the rules.The only ones with something to hide are illegals. It would make sense for them to resent being asked for any kind of ID since they have none.Are Illegals so special that the rules and laws that Americans obey do not apply to them?


Yes definently. What's wrong with inforcing the laws our constitution was laid out around?1. No it won't... it acctually won't because illegal immegrants don't pay. They acctually are paid with our taxes, so if anything it will make the economy go up.2. Florida could be doing a lot better of a job, the economy is pretty bad compared to mine, (Texas).3. The law's not offensive- coming to our country illegaly is offensive. If you come here legaly with paperwork and stuff, I have no problem with it(: But intruding in our country like it's yours is wrong for them to do. If us Americans tried to go to their country illegaly, we would be laughed off the face of earth and sent to their prisons for the rest of our lives.I don't think you're stupid, you just need to know(:Source(s):Hope I helped!


Yes, it should


Since a court has already determined that the Arizona law is PROBABLY unconstitutional, I don't think another state should adopt it, no. It would be litigated in the same way (and if you read the judge's opinion it would tell you that a court in Florida would find the same issues and restrain it from being enforced).Those who insist that it is constitutional? Wait and see what the final rulings are. If you're right then you can go ahead and do it.As to the idea that a US citizen could be stopped and held without release until he proved his citizenship (and he is not required to carry any identification much less proof of citizenship)...well read the judge's decision because that is EXACTLY what the Arizona law would allow and one of things she enjoined the state from enforcing, specifically because it affects legal aliens and citizens alike.Anyone notice that those who most strongly oppose the judge's injunction haven't read the opinion?…BTW illegals pay taxes, in fact more than if they were legal: they don't get welfare of any kind:…



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