Do you think it is smart to have limited tort and auto insurance it saves $500 a year.?

Do you think it is smart to have limited tort and auto insurance it saves $500 a year.?

I can save $500 dollars on my insurance if i limited my tort. I can still sue for major injury and for DUI if a driver hits me but i am limited in other ways. Good idea or bad?


Bad Idea, you never know what can happen, insurance will find any reason to wash their hands..don't give them any more.


It depends on your individual circumstances. Are you a safe driver? When was your last accident? How much driving do you do and what is the mileage you travel in a year?How much debt do you have? Can you afford to self-insure?Don't risk a lot for a little.


always a bad idea. It limits the amount you are able to sue for and also gives you a higher deductible.



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