Do you think this is a good price for auto insurance?

Do you think this is a good price for auto insurance?

Is $201.12 a month for full coverage from State Farm a good deal? Progressive quoted me for $285 a month and it doesnt even include UM and the liability is at 10/20/25. State farm would cover me 25/50/25, auto death indemnity, UM, and more.I am a 22 year old female and i just got my license in Feb 07, and i live in Miami.This is for a 2003 Honda Civic LX 2dr coupe (paid in full). This is my first car.I was just wondering, if this is a good price compared to other people my age with similar coverage. I know my friend is paying $300 a month for his and hes 24.


Why don't you try GEICO if they have it in your state?But really, it sounds about right. You are under 25, your a female, and its your first insurance. If you are a student and do good in school, you can get an additional discount. Also, all insurance comes with UM/UIM benefits, that's liability coverage. If you are looking for collision, that coverage is if you get into an accident and are at fault, you are covered. Collision is definitely more expensive than that. You are saying full coverage for that price from State Farm, I would take it.


HOLY CRAP!I pay that for 3 months coverage.Full coverage on a 2004 F-150Liability on a 1991 F-150(Both are paid for)Plus a 2004 travel trailerI would say that is high, but I am not in the Miami area & I am 48 years old with a long clean driving record


I pay 190 for a four door full coverage at 20 years old. But there are many factors. A two door is going to be much higher because its a sportier model. $200 is a good price. Especially for a 2003. Used cars that have full coverage are also more expensive because the insurance won't have to worry so much with a new one because of warranties, age, the single owner etc. Stick with that price I doubt you will find any better at your age.


Geez - when I was 17 I had a Toyota Supra w/ full coverage and it was less than that. Must be the Miami area that is making it so high. Also - your Civic is one of the most often stolen cars, putting it in a higher insurance bracket. As well as the average type of person who drives the car - younger drivers with little driving experience and/or rice rockets with high accident rates. I have found State Farm to be the cheapest on reliable auto insurance. You may also want to price Geico in comparison, as they are usually pretty similar in their pricing.


For your location and age group. Yes it is a good price.As to whether or not you "can afford" it. That remains to be seen. State Farm has become one of the most "criminal" acting insurance companies in the U.S. in my opinion.Be prepared to litigate any claim you might have with this company.....period. It took them over a year (with a lawyer) to settle our claims.We use Progressive now. At half the cost.Source(s):Personal experience.


the best way to tell, is to go to a local, INDEPENDENT agent, and ask them for 5-10 quotes. Then you'll know EXACTLY how fair the SF quote is. SF can only quote with SF. An independent can give you lots of quotes from lots of companies.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


$201.12 seems very high. You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price. I am paying less than ? after I did.Go to:…Take care,Casey



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