Does an auto insurance company have the right to demand a copy of my apartment lease?

Does an auto insurance company have the right to demand a copy of my apartment lease?

Moved from CA to TX- stayed with my in-laws for a time. Own a car with my own insurance policy. Moved out a couple months into an apartment. In-laws auto insurance went up shortly after I moved out. Apparently I was added to their policy despite me having never driven their vehicle (I was never notified of the add either).Now to get the $300+ back they are asking for a copy of my insurance (gladly) and a copy of my apartment rental agreement (say what? O_o).I do not feel comfortable handing my rental agreement over as it seems out of place for this issue. They added my information to another person'-s policy without so much as a call or e-mail to let ME know (they claim they are not required to let me know as I am not the policy holder).They also claim that there is a TX law that requires all people living within a household to be insured on all vehicles attached to that address (never heard of this and nor has my auto insurance company).Help?


Sure they can demand. And you can refuse or agree. if you have a question about the consequences of your decision (like whether the insurer is required to do business with you), go ahead and ask.


It's a violation of the forth amendment to the constitution,Your right to be secure in your papers,


I live in the state of florida. They never ask me for a copy of my apartment agreement.Source(s):1will



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