Does any one know of a Lawyer that would take an accident case?

Does any one know of a Lawyer that would take an accident case?

The lady was at fault - she has a lot of DUI'-s and is still driving. She ran a red light, hit my hubbies Van with passengers in it [ he drive'-s a shuttle bus, too and fo to airport ] two passengers where treated at the scene of accident. He has been told by a doctor that the nerves in his left arm are dead and he may not be able to work anymore. The doctor suggested he find a good lawyer.We are new in this state and don'-t know any good lawyers here.The womens insurence company is Gicgo [ sorry not even check spell can help ]. They are refusing to pay our medical bills. AAA would pay...But not her insurence company.


Your story doesn't make sense. If the other driver is insured and she was at fault, her insurance will pay all damages including medical bills. If not, your underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage will pay.Nerves don't just go "dead" and AAA doesn't pay medical bills, they just provide road service. It just doesn't add up.


Personal injury lawyers are plastered all over the yellow pages in my town. One takes up the entire back cover. They should be easy enough to find. Most will take the case on a contingency fee basis. If they don't win, they don't get paid. If they do win, they get a third. Funny how everybody hates lawyers until they need one huh?Oh, and in reply to shelcom above, AAA sells homeowner, life and auto insurance and yes they do cover medical expenses.



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