Does anybody know a good insurance in MA that doesn't take pictures of your car?

Does anybody know a good insurance in MA that doesn't take pictures of your car?

My insurance made a mistake and didn'-t put collision in my plan now i have a broken tail light and bumper which I can'-t afford to fix it.... also I got the car less the than a week ago. anything you know that can help let me know. thanks


Do you have a loan on the car that you bought? If so, then buying collision/comprehensive is required to protect the lien-holder of the loan for damages to the car you bought. But if no loan and you paid cash and this is a old car, might expect that you would not need it.How did you get a broken tail light and bumper? Were you in an accident with another car? If so, who is at fault for the accident? If the other car is at fault, then file a claim on their insurance company to get your car fixed. But if you are at fault, then you will need to report to your company, since your company will owe the other driver.Also, most policies for collision have a $500 deductible. The cost to repair your vehicle most likely could cost less than $500, and if so, then you would still be out of pocket for $500.Also, as a general rule, many agents if they insure your car for collision and/or comprehensive, they will take photos or visually look at the auto to verify that prior to adding to your policy there was no damages, so if you report later, can verify that you are not reporting damages that occurred prior to purchasing insurance.good luck



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