Does anyone know a motor trade insurance company that insures second driver who is aged 18?

Does anyone know a motor trade insurance company that insures second driver who is aged 18?

I'-ve been looking around but all i can find is trade insurance for over 21'-s.... if anybody tell me a company which does it for 18 yr olds then i would really appreciate it. Thanks


hi i had the same problem last year, me and my son are in the motor trade and last year i was trying to get my son on a motor trade policy i phoned every where and as you say most of them were 21 or over but i did get one quote for 19 years, as follows full comp, over ?5000 tpft over?4000 and third party only over ?3000 so i left it, my son was 18 at the time, i am sorry but i can,t remember the name of the company, what i did was phone every motor trade insurance in auto trader, at the moment i have just go my self on a policy with a company called chaucer through swinton and they are reasonable, if you do find a company for your 18 year old could you please let me know, sorry i could not be of more help and good luckSource(s):in the motor trade


HiOur schemes will only cover drivers aged 23 and over but it may be worth you trying Tradex.Hope this helpsSource(s)


Churchill will.


Try Admiral car insurance



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