Does anyone know of a car repair insurance that exists in the uk?

Does anyone know of a car repair insurance that exists in the uk?

i know the AA does a repair insurance but thats if they have assisted you at the roadside - i am looking for a car repiar insurance in case you have faults with the car - mind you my car is a 1975 MGB so i dont even know if it did exist, if they would even insure it!


I dont know any companies in particular but i think their is a service available, like an extended warranty. cant see it being cheap for that old banger though.


No. A 'warranty' insurance might cover some items, however, general 'wear and tear' is not insurable.Source(s):30 years a cop


newquaymolby, I recommend an online insurance quote. It's free and quick to do. Luck!


google it


Kwik fit do, nice car btw. Thinking about getting a regal supervan in the future.



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