Does anyone know of a nice place to live?

Does anyone know of a nice place to live?

i need to find a cheap place to live. i want a safe environment for my mother and i. we like arizona... but we arent looking to spend much.. ant ideas??


LOL did he say better climate than arizona. Az is like 355 days of sun a year. And no Tornados like OKCI live in ohio and we went to Arizona last year and it was AWESOME.So many things to do and breathtaking views and the water there is so clear and clean.Spend a Vacation at a Local ResortWe have some of the best resorts in the country right here in the Phoenix area. Can you see yourself checking into a suite at the Arizona Biltmore or the Camelback Inn? I have done it, and believe me--it takes about a minute to feel like you are on vacation at some far away destination, without all the hassle of air travel, car rentals and such. Check here for ideas on family resorts, romantic hideaways and everything in between.If you intend to stay in town and make believe you're a tourist, two-for-one discount coupons are often available through the Entertainment Book. (Buy Direct)Visit the Wineries of Southern ArizonaDid you know that there are thirteen active wineries in the State of Arizona, with over 650 acres of grapes being grown for that purpose? Take a trip down to southern Arizona for a weekend and do some wine tasting.Visit the Ghost Towns of Central ArizonaArizona's past is rich with mining history. Some of these ghost towns are tiny and some are still pretty substantial. Get in that 4-wheel-drive, put on your hiking boots and explore the ghost towns of Central Arizona.Sedona - The Beautiful Red Rock Country of ArizonaSedona is difficult to describe. Breathtaking might be an appropriate adjective. Unusual might be another. Popular, certainly. Unique, undoubtedly. Visit Sedona, where you can shop and dine and climb and tour, And swim in the best slide rock in the country, or just sit on a mountain top and dream.The Grand Canyon is Just a Few Hours AwayCan you believe that many Arizonans have never been to the Grand Canyon? There are many ways to experience it, whether it is from the edge, from a mule, or from a helicopter. You can go to the North Rim or the South Rim, and you can take a train or you can take a tour or you can drive. Or you can take the camping and rafting trip of a lifetime. It is educational, fun and gorgeous. So many options--how can you not go? Make sure the Grand Canyon is on your list.Northern Arizona Has Many Treasures to ExploreThe northern part of the State of Arizona isn't just about the Grand Canyon. Besides Flagstaff, there are fantastic places to explore from the high desert to the pine forests. Canyon de Chelly, the Petrified Forest, Wupatki, Walnut Canyon and more make a wonderful vacation adventure.Are You A Golfer?Of course you are. And there are more than 300 golf courses in Arizona. Why go anywhere else? Plan a week with a visit to a different golf course every day. Attend a golf school for three or five days. These are often associated with resorts. And maybe the kids would like to learn the game. Fore! Start planning your dream golf vacation. Right here in Arizona.The Wild West is Right HereHow about taking the family to a working dude ranch for a change? There are dude ranches, horseback adventure trips and trail rides.Boating, Lakes and FishingYou don't have to travel very far to enjoy the outdoors. There are many places where you can cast your line or put on those water skis in Arizona's lakes.Head to MexicoRocky Point is only a few hours away, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular family destinations for Arizonans. If you miss the ocean and the beach, all you need is a long weekend and some Mexican auto insurance!You Mean There's More?These are just a few ideas. The Arizona Department of Tourism has more ideas, and maybe even some bargains.So if you are concerned about vacation travel this year, take the reasonable approach. Your family needs to spend some time together and you need to get away from the job for a little while. Why not take advantage of the incredible opportunities right here in Arizona?


I live in OKC and I love it here. It has everything from the big city to small towns depending on your style. It also has a better climate than Arizona. Good luck



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