Does anyone know of an auto insurance company that has a better system for carrying proof of insurance?

Does anyone know of an auto insurance company that has a better system for carrying proof of insurance?

auto insurance cards suck they always expire so quickly and I can never remember to put the new ones in the glove box. Is there a better system then printed paper insurance cards? I usually lose them or forget to put them in and then when I get pulled over I get a ticket for no proof of insurance, why cant there just be one card i can use that doesnt have an expiration date? like a health insurance card those dont have expiration dates.


Try paying your premiums in larger amount instead of monthly do it quarterly, every 6 months or every year, your premiums will be lower but you will be paying a higher amount (some companies give discount if you pay 6 months in full) you wont find a company that doesnt put expiration dates. Insurance is the law as it is for your drivers license. Like the others say dont be lazy this is an important thing to deal with if you're going to drive. IF you cant deal with being on top of your insurance you shouldnt even be on the road.


I use Progressive and I can print a larger card to keep in my glove compartment and I can print a smaller, wallet-sized card. They also send, in the mail, the same size cards as well. The cards they send in the mail are on a plasticized paper that doesn't rip or wear as easily. If you hard on your cards you can always go to nearly any printing place (Kinko's, Staples, etc.) and have the card laminated until you feel it is stiff enough.As for the expiration date? You will probably NEVER find an insurance provider that doesn't print the expiration date on it. Most providers insure people for 6 months at a time. At that time they re-evaluate your driving record for any changes that could cause a change in your rates. I'm also fairly confident that providers print the expiration date on the card to clearly show if you do or do not have coverage in the event that you need to show proof of insurance. If the date wasn't on the card someone would have to call the provider to get the proof that you still have coverage.I hope this answers your question.Good luck!:)


Hey pal, take some responsibility for your own actions for a change. Can't remember to put an insurance card in your own deserve those tickets.


insurance cards w/ out experation dates would be pointless. dont be so lazy and when the cards come in the mail put them in the glovebox right away. honestly, its not that hard.



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