Does anyone know what a proof of auto insurance letter looks like EXACTLY?

Does anyone know what a proof of auto insurance letter looks like EXACTLY?

Hey, I need to know what exactly a proof of insurance letter from an auto insurance broker looks like and says exactly. A link to a copy of one would be great. Can anyone help me?? Pleassse??? Thanks in advance!


I do not think you will find a link to one, but it includes these simple pieces:Your name, address.Your vehicle infor, VIN, year, model, make, color, plate #Your type of coverage (100/300, 50/100, etc.)Your length of coverage (from to )Occasionally little tear out insurance cards.Your Agents information, address, phone, fax


An Ontario Insurance Card is a small paper card that can easily fit in your wallet, light pink in colour, that is sent to the vehicle's owner by the insurance company.It will list...- the insurance company- the insurance policy number- name and address of the insured- dates the card is valid from- description of the insured vehicleBelow is a link to a black and white copy of an Ontario vehicle insurance card. I had to block out some private information of course but the pink colour of the blocks I used to cover that information is approximately the same colour as the original card.…


its the little card they send you to carry in your car with your car insurance information.


Well, for the most part it's not a letter but a card. The format for it is usually spelled out in state law so it varies from one state to the next. Your insurance agent will be happy to provide you with one.


Each insurance company has their own rules, and their forms may be different. Some states also have their own forms that are filled in by the insurance companies, or agents.If you are trying to "create" your own form (forgery is such a nasty word) you will need to have a copy of one issued in your state. Be aware that many times the state will send a verification form to the insurance company listed, and if they find a problem, you might find yourself with bigger issues to deal with in the court system!Source(s):27 years in the auto business


That is a document that is prepared by an insurance company. You should not be able to get your hands on one without going through yours. There's a reason for that.Source(s):claims person



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