Does anyone know what is up with some of the towns in west Michigan?

Does anyone know what is up with some of the towns in west Michigan?

| just got back from a vacation over there and there are some really nice places there along the west shore of the lake (Lake Michigan) and we went into some of the little towns (they were only about a square mile or two in size) out in the country in southwest Michigan and half of the houses were boarded up (this described several of them we went through and one had a big sign in town saying "-fish and snakes for supper"- and about a quarter mile up the road we see this burning building almost all the way burned to the ground (still smoking i am serious) with a couple cars parked near it, and no one around. Other than that it was a cool place and really fun.


The problem in Michigan began years ago when the large US automobile corporations (General Motors, Chrysler, Ford) all began moving their operations across international borders and taking advantage of cheaper foreign labor to produce their autos. The auto industry was the backbone of the Michigan economy and many people lost their jobs, income and livelihood when this happened. Unfortunately, many of the residents never recovered and had to move away, leaving many cities "abandoned". With no major industry fueling the economy, people had no interest in moving to those areas, so many homes remained abandoned.Then in the 2000's, the global recession hit, causing even more financial hardship. Many people lost their jobs, filed bankruptcies and were unable to pay their mortgages. Banks seized their homes, but there were no people able or willing to purchase them again, so the banks were forced to board them up, ergo why so many places you saw were abandoned.As for the smoking house, it's possible that someone may have set their own house on fire for the insurance money rather than have to lose everything by having it seized for non payment. (Just an idea, but I've heard of this happening. Someone can get the full value of their home, pay off the remaining bank mortgage and pocket the rest of the money if they can get away with it...)As for the "fish and snakes for supper" sign, it may be a person's way of making a social statement, such as- "We're out of work, have no money and are forced to eat only the fish and snakes we catch because we can't afford anything else. "Everyone thinks of America as this land of prosperity and wealth, but there is a lot of poverty in the US. If you want to learn more about Michigan and it's economic situation, rent the film "Roger and Me" by Michael Moore. It's a fascinating documentary about the filmmakers' hometown of Flint, Michigan and how American automakers have destroyed it with their corporate greed and abandonment of their former workers.Source(s):I am American.



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