Does Auto Insurance Carriers have to reimburse Subligated charges?

Does Auto Insurance Carriers have to reimburse Subligated charges?

Was in an car accident ready to settle now,and other drivers insurance says , they don'-t have to reimburse me for my Insurance Medical Payments paid toward drugs and partial payment on hospital Is this true? They say its a Ga. LAW. Help please!


If I understand you correctly, your medical insurance has made payments? If that is the case, they don't, indeed can't, reimburse you. Your medical insurance provider may subrogate for reimbursement of expenses they paid, but that is their money, not yours, if collected. They would reimburse you for expenses out of your pocket, over and above any actual settlement for injury, lost wages, etc.If I misunderstand, please post a little more information.


Your medical insurance provider covered your medical bills. They have a right to to be reimbursed by the other persons auto liability insurer. (subrogation) You have a right to be paid for expenses over and above that covered by your medical insurance. You can claim these expenses but you will have to show where you were not paid.You do not have the right to to be reimbursed for the money paid by your medical provider.r



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