Does Kemper Direct share insurance info with the other companies?

Does Kemper Direct share insurance info with the other companies?

Got into an accident last year, no cops or anything so its not on my record, but i'-ve heard insurance companies have a database they all share. i was wondering if Kemper shared? im trying to get motorcycle insurance from Progressive.


There are databases they share, but to what extent is anybody's guess. If you made a claim, there is a record of it. It has nothing to do with the police....


If you had an auto or home insurance claim it is in a database managed by the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE). Most insurance companies use it to report the type of loss, address of the insured, location of loss (or vin of vehicle, for an auto claim), driver, policyholder, dollar of loss. In exchange, for an annual fee, they can request information in the database about specific people and addresses.So, if your accident was reported to Kemper, there's a good chance that Progressive will find out about it.Source(s):…



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